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Welcome to SpeakoutDanville.org

The 2012 Town Meeting is upon us. In a few weeks you will have the opportunity to voice your opinion on candidates and warrants that will impact your tax bill, town services, and the quality of life in our town. Come here to listen to candidates and advocates so that you can cast an informed vote!

Introducing SpeakoutDanville.org

This is a place for Danville residents, property owners, and business owners to come together to discuss issues in our town. And for people to find out what is going on. For more information, visit our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Page.

Watch the 2012 Town Deliberative Session (link to town web site)

Rate the 2012 Town and School Candidates

Straw Polls on 2012 Town Warrant Articles

Straw Polls on 2012 School Warrant Articles

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