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Postby curt » Sat Apr 14, 2007 6:10 pm

When I installed my mailbox post in 1983, I went to Grossman's or one of the local lumber yards and bought a 6' p/t 6x6. AFAIK, there was no such thing as a pre-assembled mailbox "assembly" in those primitive days.

Now my mailbox post has finally rotted and fallen over, and there is no Grossman's and few local lumber yards. The last time I did a project, I went to State Line Lumber in Plaistow, and our own Russ Pouliot helped me get what I needed.

I just want to buy another 6' p/t 6x6. I don't want to walk a half mile from the front door to where the lumber is. I don't want something that was built to hold a mailbox. If I don't see any 6x6s and have to ask for a "six by six", I want to be understood (having once gone to a big-box store and asked where I could find a "four by four").

So, where should I go these days? East Coast?
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