Telephone Service

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Telephone Service

Postby curt » Mon Aug 20, 2007 10:21 pm

I'm considering switching from Verizon to Comcast.

Is it reliable?

Quality of sound?

Voicemail good?

Any gotchas?

One concern is taxes and "fees"

My $35 Verizon line is actually $45 because of:
Tax & Fees
Federal Subscriber Line $6.40
Federal Universal Service Fee .72
911 State / County Charges .64
New Hampshire State&Local Tax 2.11
Federal Excise Tax .19
Total Tax & Fees $10.06

The Comcast sales rep said there are only 2 add-ons based on usage and that they add up to less than $2 a month. Can anybody corroborate that?

One attraction for me is free calling to Canada, where my sister lives. Seems too good to be true. My experience has been that the post offices and phone companies see the border as a means to rip people off. So has anybody called Canada and not been charged?

Any info would be appreciated.
Curt Springer
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