A BBS Category about this Site

This forum contains information about recent updates to the web site.

A BBS Category about this Site

Postby speakou » Sun Jan 29, 2006 11:01 am

We created this category, SpeakoutDanville.org, for news and discussions about the site.

The forum "New on SpeakoutDanville.org" is for announcements of new features or other changes. Posting is restricted to administrators of the site.

The forum "Comments and Suggestions" is open to posting by all registered users, and we hope we will keep hearing from you.

By creating a dedicated forum, we can have a number of short threads about specific features of the site, as opposed to the long thread on different features that was developing in the "Danville General" forum. And we will be able to prune the stale ones, eventually.
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