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Video on Danville's Websites

Postby Len Mullen » Wed Feb 14, 2007 8:23 am

Last month we tried something new -- serving video off our town's websites. An Evening with Timberlane was our first event and there were 38 viewings. This month we posted the Deliberative Session. This event has already been viewed 432 times. As soon as the TRSD DS is made available to us, it will be online.

Barry Hantman has offered to make planning board meetings available to us. Is this something people would like to view ondemand? Would you like to see highlights of nonpolitical events -- memorial day ceremony, for instance? Is there interest in video editorials like they used to run at the end of newscasts? What events would you like to see?

How long is this information relevant? EWT has not been clicked for nearly a month. Does it need to be on the server?

How do you feel about edited content? Is it important to carry the event unedited or would you prefer 15 minutes of DS highlights to the entire 5 hours?

How would you like this information presented? Should we create a media library that has links to all information -- do you want to 'browse' the videos? Would you like to see 'in context' links to media (an icon beside minutes and meetings that have associated media)?

We use Real for streaming the content. This is mostly a matter of cost, but the quality of the shows is also very good. Unfortunately, Real's player is not installed as part of Windows, so people have to download and install a viewer. Is this a problem? Would people prefer to download a windows format file or a podcast of these events for off line viewing?

We have room on the server for ~400 hours of media. It takes some effort to encode, review, and post the webcasts. We need to work out policies and procedures for acquiring, posting, and maintaining the library. Please let us know what is important to you.

BTW, the upgrade to our server that enabled this cost the taxpayers $0. The files are edited, encoded, and uploaded for a total cost of $0. No animals are harmed in the making of these videos.
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