Article 2012-13 Colby Library Trust Fund New Leach Field

Article 2012-13 Colby Library Trust Fund New Leach Field

Postby curt - Moderator » Thu Feb 09, 2012 11:27 pm

Article 2012-13 Colby Memorial Library establish a Trust Fund for a New Library Leach Field
To see if the Town will vote to establish an expendable trust fund per RSA 31:19-a for the repair and/or replacement of the
Colby Library’s Leach Field and to name the Library Trustees as agents to expend from this fund; and further to raise and
appropriate Two Thousand Five Hundred Dollars ($2,500.00) to go into this fund.
Recommended by the Board of Selectmen (4-0)
Recommended by the Budget Committee (5-0)

Discussion: This article is asking for the creation of a Trust fund and monies to be added to said Trust Fund for the
replacement of the Library Leach Field. The existing Leach Field was put into place in 2004 and has a life expectancy of 10-
15 years.
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