Anti-Littering Road Sign Ideas?

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Anti-Littering Road Sign Ideas?

Postby argot » Tue Apr 19, 2011 10:42 pm

Since we do not have the anti-littering Campaign of the 1970's, how do we educate the children/parents and other Danville and/or NH residents about not Littering?

I grew up with the Crying Indian

It was pervasive in the '70s and it shaped my respect for the environment, along with the example that my parents set.

The litter we have been picking up along Danville roads includes McDonald's bags AND Kid's Meals next to each other.

The only visual I can come up with is a parent throwing their trash out the car window, and their child following suit.

Can we please work on a community message for keeping our roads clean?

I would be happy to help raise money for/to contribute toward signs: "We love Danville: Please don't trash our roads." Or something like that.
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Re: Anti-Littering Road Sign Ideas?

Postby shawn_oneil » Tue Apr 19, 2011 10:59 pm

That is a great idea!
I was going to suggest some type of community dinner at the fire association once the town has completed the purchase. We can have a fund raiser for this effort.
Shawn O'Neil

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Re: Anti-Littering Road Sign Ideas?

Postby TomBillbroughJr » Tue Apr 19, 2011 11:26 pm

I also think this is really good idea. This seems like it would be a really great Eagle Scout project, if anyone knows a Scout in the market for such a task. I only made it to a Webelo (even at a young age I realized that is the worst name for a sect of the Scouts) myself. Or even if we could get highway signs with the littering fine posted on them on our major streets.

I'm sure the soon-to-be formed committee to oversee the operations of the newly aquired FAH, will agree with that fundraiser idea of a community dinner, as well. Although, as someone who has volunteered at several of the FAH's "Ham and Bean Suppers" years back, I can tell you that community dinners are a tough draw and it is a struggle to break even.

I would like to see a charity softball tournament, with our own citizens (or even out-of-towners, as well) paying a small entrance fee to enter their teams and play for a chance to win bragging rights, a trophy, or some other kind of recognition. If the rec committee were to allow us to use the snack shed, I would be more than willing to donate a box of hotdogs/buns/condiments/etc, with all profits going towards the anti-littering sign campaign. I think this could be a much bigger draw than a comminty dinner and the prep work should be minimal in comparison.
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