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Postby dirtrider85 » Sat Sep 06, 2014 9:43 pm

Ohy. Once again jumping to conclusions based on rumors and asking random people for information without going to the source.

Let me try to educate you to the real story. Per the research done by my surveyors, my own research, and town research. The town only ever owned 6 acres. Their deed was for 6 acres. The tax map stated 9 acres but was not based on the deed. It was based on some lady who worked for the town and felt their was 'extra in there' so she added it to the town on the tax map. My deed said 8 + or - acres. Turned out that between the town land and my land there was a total of 20 acres. I could of claimed all 14 acres in court as my deed stated + or -. I decided it was easier and nicer to just negotiate with the town tell them they could keep the 9 on the tax map and I would take the 11 for my 8 + or -. The original deed for the land was dated back to the 17 and 1800's where it was split into 3 parcels - the housing development next to me, my and the town land, and the land past the town land. The 20ish acres in the original deed was never listed as an amount just as a location. Westerly along blah blah blah till blah blah blah. 6 acres were sold / claimed by the town in taxes years ago.

There was a public hearing in front of the town members with a full board of directors. We followed the lines of the housing development to the left although it was clear from the survey that when the housing development was created the developer was a bit creative in where he decided the lot lines existed / where the land he bought was. We followed the lines from the surveyors who surveyed the commercial land behind the property. We followed the lines to the right of the town land already in place. The only line we made was one between my land and the town.

The crap about my septic being on town land is just that. Crap. Based on the TAX map and the arbitrary drawing which was never based on an actual survey or called line in any deed - if you blew up the TAX MAP and transposed it onto google maps it would show my septic as part of the towns acreage. THAT LINE WAS NOT A REAL LINE. Arbitrary, make believe, what if we looked at what someone scribbled down without looking at it.

On that note, it was awesome when I cut down a tree I was worried could take out my powerlines that was within 150' of my house and got a cease and desist letter from the town to stop cutting on town land because someone just like you jumped to conclusions about what was reality.

I've said it before and will say it again - if you have a question you obviously know where I live. I have nothing to hide, the town has nothing to hide, there are no aliens and no conspiracy theory. If I don't know the answer I can certainly point you towards where the information can be found.

If you want a copy of the tax sale to the town e-mail me and I can send you a beautiful PDF.

See below for page # person owned etc:
Property name Date Owned Owned By Book # Page #
50 Frye Rd 10/27/2011 Melissa Parry 5258 0342-0344
50 Frye Rd 5/15/2001 JoAnne DeLeary DeVito 3582 0657-0658
50 Frye Rd 5/15/2001 Michelle Jones 3582 0639-0639 Addit28 1/24/1975ional reference to Eugene F. Kimball (tax collector) to Joseph B. Wadleigh (Feb 20, 1897 - Book 640, Page 261. Ralph F. Dutton to David F. Dutton Book 2232 Page 15
50 Frye Rd 3/23/2001 Stephen M. Jones 3582 0638-0638
50 Frye Rd 2/3/1997 Stephen M. and Michelle Jones 3199 0702-0703
50 Huntington Hill Rd Ext 2/27/1996 Norman and Christine Clough 3141 1956-1956 Changed name of address 2/26/1996
Certain Tract 5/27/1978 Norman and Christine Clough 2312 0312-0312
3 Parcels (Tract 2) 1/21/1975 David F. Dutton 2232 1528-1529
3 Parcels (Tract 2) 3/22/1974 Ralph F. and David F Dutton 2221 0312-
Cornelia F. Wadleigh
Clarence B. Wadleigh
Joseph B. Wadleigh
Tract 2 (see 3 parcels) 2/20/1897 Eugene F. Kimball (Tax Collector) 640 261
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