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Sheila 2013 - Facts or Rhetoric

PostPosted: Sun Mar 10, 2013 10:15 am
by shawn_oneil
Got the flier sent by Sheila for 2013. I notice that it repeats a lot of the same stuff from the 2012 flier so lets dissect each of her points.

Sheila wrote: Having a regional ACO contract was suppose to free up police time. However, records reveal that the Danville Police Department responded to and handled more than 50% of animal related calls. The regional ACO handled less than half the calls. No wonder the Selectmen don't want us to know the truth. Danville, we are not getting the cost effective, efficient service we once had with the Local Animal Control."

Note emphasis added by me.
The truth is that the Regional ACO contract (Found here ... nville.doc) was not signed until late May while the current Regional ACO, Brian Farrell, was attending the Police Academy. Sheila should have know this as well since Brian Farrell is the assistant ACO in Hampstead where Sheila is the ACO.

Wade introduced Brian Farrell to the Board at our 6/11/12 meeting when the program became active.

Danville BOS MInutes for June 11, 2012 wrote:I. Delegate
Chief Wade Parsons introduced Brian Farrell, the new Regional ACO to the Board of Selectmen. Brian was
formally the assistant ACO in Hampstead. He has a Bachelor of Science in Conservation Law Enforcement and will
be attending the part-time police academy in August. After certification as an officer, Brian will be able to perform
the tasks that currently fall onto the police departments.

So who was answering those calls from January 2012 to June 2012? Yes the Danville PD as one would expect. It is not due to having an established Regional ACO program in operation and having the Danville PD handle the same call due to lack of response by the Regional ACO.

Re: Sheila 2013 - Facts or Rhetoric

PostPosted: Sun Mar 10, 2013 10:37 am
by shawn_oneil
Sheila wrote:The previous Danville ACO's contract with the NHSPCA to hold an animal for 7 days and care for it cost approximately $178.00 where the same animal care and holding period charged by the Plaistow regional contract is $438.00 (a 60% increase); and

Below is the 2012 NHSPCA contact with the Town of Danville.

April 16, 2012 BOS Minutes wrote:Vice-chair Giordano made the motion, seconded by Selectman Harding, authorizing Chairman O’Neil to
sign the Annual NHSPCA agreement. Motion passed.

So now we have the ability to bring animal to the NHSPCA as we have ALWAYS been doing. But what about the Regional ACO Contract that indicate a higher price? This was address in May of 2012 in an email by me to Wade addressing this very issue.

The Board was well aware of this issue and addressed it with Plaistow. Just because the stated price is higher with Plaistow vs. NHSPCA does not mean that the Town of Danville is obligated to Plaistow for kenneling services. Please remember this is an a la carte menu for services in this program.

What Sheila is pointing out, in her hypothetical situation, would be true if the Town of Danville were to request such services which we have not.

Re: Sheila 2013 - Facts or Rhetoric

PostPosted: Sun Mar 10, 2013 11:02 am
by shawn_oneil
Sheila wrote:The previous local Danville ACO response time was less than 10 minutes where the Plaistow regional ACO response time for Danville issues is approximately 20 minutes or longer.

This is complete fodder by Sheila. The only names attached to this issue were present at Candidate Night. The person was Ms. Judy Jervis. She indicated she called 7 times with no response. Lieutenant William Baldwin of the Plaistow Police Department (present at the same meeting) is looking into Plaistow dispatch (Operational 24/7/365) and call logs for any entry with Jervis attached. I would be shocked, applaud, and lose complete faith in the Regional ACO program personally if a call was not returned after 7 attempts. I did notice that Sheila had her normal posse of supporters at the meeting including Ms. Jervis and Ms. Laura Games all former members of the Conservation Committee. What are the odds of a missing callbacks by the Regional ACO of a quantity of 7, being a former member of Conservation, and being part of Sheila's entourage? I don't need a PhD in Statistics to figure that one out, and I suspect either do you!

I also think Chief Savage from the Plaistow Police Department would concur.

Animal control debate intensifies between Danville, Plaistow officials

Union Leader Article wrote:Now Savage wants to see some proof.

"If she has some information that we're not providing an adequate service I'd like to know about it. If she can't give me specifics, I'm going to assume where it came from is dubious," Savage said. "If she wants to sell this off to the people of Danville, that's not the way."

Re: Sheila 2013 - Facts or Rhetoric

PostPosted: Sun Mar 10, 2013 11:23 am
by shawn_oneil
Sheila wrote:The previous local Danville ACO position was funded at $13.76/hour where the current Plaistow regional ACO position is funded at $21/hour;

This is comparing apples vs. oranges. The ACO raw employee cost was $13.76 but she forgot to include FICA, medicare, Workmans Comp, insurance (how many lawsuits involved Sheila in some manner, again?), transportation, equipment, etc.
The regional ACO comes with a fully certified police officer, vehicle, equipment, all wage components and insurances. The regional ACO is a JIT (Just in Time) program that delivers service when needed. Less calls and your tax rate is lowered (Funny how Sheila could not explain the 75% drop in call volume after her departure). The Town of Danville spent around $1500 last year (June 2012 to end of the year) which according to my calculation is about the same amount the Town of Danville paid Sheila for "Dog License Input" (See thread on Sheila 'Don't Kill the Job' Johannesen for more details).