A Note to Lurkers (non-registered visitors)

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A Note to Lurkers (non-registered visitors)

Postby curt » Thu Feb 02, 2006 9:01 am

To our Lurkers (non-registered visitors):

Everyone is welcome to read the postings without registering or signing in.

But, if you do register and log in, the system will tell you what has been newly posted since your last visit.

Now that we have so much content here, you might find that to be helpful. I do.

If you have already scanned through stuff, you might want to click on the "mark all topics as read" link in each forum. That way you will see only new postings from now on.

There is an option to be logged in automatically each time you visit this site, so that you won't have to remember to click "Log in" and then supply your user name and password. I find that very convenient.
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