Article 2014-29 Town Clerk

Article 2014-29 Town Clerk

Postby Rob C - Moderator » Sat Mar 01, 2014 10:13 pm

Article 2014-29 Town Clerk

To see if the Town will vote to approve, in lieu of base salary and fees pursuant to the provisions of RSA 41:25, to change the compensation of the Town Clerk to a salary basis only. To be effective immediately following March 2014 elections. All fees collected will revert back to the town as revenue. And to authorize the SelectBoard to make subsequent adjustments to the Town Clerk’s salary on an annual basis.

Discussion: The Town Clerk is currently paid via fee collected for Auto registrations, marriage license, certified documents, etc. The current amount allocated in the Operating Budget for these fees is equal to the amount that will be paid for as a Salary if this Article were to pass. This will allow the Town Clerk to paid bi-week at a fix wage vs. the cyclic nature due to auto registrations, etc.
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