Article 2014-5 Multi-unit Structures

Article 2014-5 Multi-unit Structures

Postby Rob C - Moderator » Sat Mar 01, 2014 10:45 pm

Article 2014-5 Multi-unit Structures

To see if the Town of Danville will vote to amend the Town of Danville Zoning Ordinance to modify the number of units allowed in a multi-unit structure for developments that are 60% workforce housing per RSA 674:58. Specifically, this will modify Article IV.A.1.d.1).a to read:

Article IV.A.1.d.1).a Each dwelling will require a minimum lot or site size of two (2) acres per residential unit. In no case shall any structure contain more than four (4) residential units unless 60% of the residential units in the structure are workforce housing per RSA 674:58, in which case, five (5) residential unit structures shall be permitted unless stated otherwise elsewhere in this ordinance. In the case of workforce housing structures with five residential units, these units must remain as workforce housing per RSA 674:58 for a minimum of ten (10) years after receipt of an occupancy permit.

Recommended by the Planning Board (6-0)
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