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Dear Resident:

This warrant article listing is being provided to help you better understand the ballot articles on which you will be voting. There is 1 zoning Warrant Article put forth by a Citizen Petition. Warrant Articles #19 through #30 inclusive are Selectmen and Department articles. The tax impact noted on the various articles is the Selectmen’s best estimate based on the town’s 2013 valuation of $331,448,699 as defined by the MS-1 line 21.

You will note that some articles have recommendations by the Board of Selectmen and Budget Committee and some do not. This is a requirement by RSA 32:5, V- (a) which states that only special warrant articles shall contain the notation on whether or not the appropriation is recommended by these Boards. This doesn’t mean the Boards do or do not recommend the other Articles. The Boards are not allowed to add this notation except for those warrants require by State law.

On Monday, March 3, 2014 (7:30 PM at the Town Hall) there will be a Candidate’s Night. We encourage the public to ask questions of the election candidates and on the ballot articles. The Selectmen’s Office has requested each department to be present to explain their ballot article and to participate in this public discussion.

Please vote on March 11th, polls will be open 8 AM to 7 PM. You may register to vote on March 11th at the polls (Danville Community Center) if you are not already registered.

Second Session of Annual Meeting (Voting)
You are hereby notified to meet on Tuesday, the 11th day of March 2014, at 8:00 o’clock in the forenoon at the Danville Community Center, Danville, New Hampshire to vote by official ballot on the election of town officials, and on all warrant articles.
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