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Postby Resident » Tue Jun 12, 2012 11:08 am

A friend's request to post discussion from the Timberlane Forum. http://timberlaneschools.forumsland.com ... ut417.html

Of particular interest includes:

I watched part of the SAU 55 meeting enough to see that Mr. Feneberg is appointed to interim Superintendent. I understand that you have more than one internal candidate for the Superintendents position. I think it would be to the district advantage that the duties of the Superintendent be distributed amongst these internal candidates rather than to one internal candidate. It would provide healthy competition for that role amongst the internal candidates and would allow the SAU 55 Board to see those internal candidates in a partial role and assess those criteria that SAU 55 school board outlined i.e communication, transparency, visionary etc. Especially given that it expected that few candidates are expected to be available for this role and if a candidate is not chosen given the current timeline. The issue can be looked at as if the current Superintendent can handle his role and the additional role of Superintendent, then why do we need two positions.

I am requesting at the next SAU 55 meeting that this be put on the floor for discussion. If need I can get a petition or have other district parents speak to this matter. Please let me know whether or not this will be put on the agenda for discussion.

Thank you,

Dear SAU Board,

I do not believe the interim Superintedent's compensation should be discussed in a non-public session. This is of interest to the entire community as it may set an expectation for the incoming Superintendent's compensation package to some extent. There is no issue of reputation whatsoever involved so 'c' is not called for at all. If there were a question of reputation, then the assistant would not have been put into the interim position in the first place.

I would like to remind the board that transparency is a primary virtue in democratic organizations. The law may allow non-public discussion but it is incumbent upon the board to resort to this only as a last resort - not as a primary mode of operation. There is a great deal of public interest in this issue and I exhort you to be open in all your dealings concerning temporary and permanent replacement of the Superintendent.

Donna Green
Sandown rep on Timberlane Budget Committee

More detailed discussion can be found on the linked posted.
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