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Welcome to dBay - A Marketplace for Danville

Postby speakou » Sat Jan 28, 2006 9:59 pm

Announcing dBay, Danville's Virtual Yard Sale

Here you can unload stuff you have that might be of use to somebody else, for a price or for free.

You can post stuff that you have and want to get rid of, or stuff that you want.

We have just a few simple rules (subject to change):

    Anybody can view the listings here

    Only registered users can post listings.
    You must describe the item and state a price or state that it is free. If you state a price you can also say "or best offer".

    This space is intended for the casual non-commercial sale of stuff that you did not acquire for purposes of resale. Please don't post Avon or Tupperware or whatever. Please don't post services such as snowplowing or lawn mowing.

    Do not post notices for illegal substances or anything of an adult nature.

    SpeakoutDanville.org accepts no responsibility for any aspect of the offers or sales, including, but not limited to, the fitness, reliability or quality of the merchandise offered, the accuracy of the posting, and the crediworthiness or reliability of purchasers.

    Any registered user may reply to a listing via a public reply, or via a private message, if the seller has elected to allow that.

    Non-registered users may not reply through this site. They may only reply if the seller has exposed other contact information, such as email address or instant messaging user information. SpeakoutDanville.org does not require that this information be publicly exposed, and therefore is not responsible for any consequences.

    SpeakoutDanville.org is not responsible for any consequences of users meeting to exchange merchandise or for any other purpose.

    Once an item is sold or withdrawn from sale, the seller must edit the subject line of the listing to indicate [SOLD] or [WITHDRAWN], so that SpeakoutDanville.org can remove the listing.

    SpeakoutDanville.org reserves the right to remove any listing, for any reason, without notice.
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