Dog owner's rudeness ruins good time at beach

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Dog owner's rudeness ruins good time at beach

Postby curt » Fri Jul 31, 2009 7:28 pm

Letter to the editor, Portsmouth Herald

Dog owner's rudeness ruins good time at beach

July 28 — To the Editor:

This past Tuesday evening, around 7 p.m., my 3-year-old son, my husband and I walked onto the beach at Kingston State Park.

A park worker was cleaning the beach as she waited for the cars to leave the lot so she could close the gate. Local dog owners descended onto the beach and their pooches raced around the worker with no interference. We have dogs at home, two actually, large mutts rescued from the SPCA. We adore them and have been known to break a few rules to get them a little outdoor fun; so sharing the beach with these playful pups, despite the clearly marked prohibition of such, was no problem to us.

What we did expect, however, was some semblance of respect for the rightful patrons of the beach. As my son splashed and played along the shoreline and my husband and I waded into the lake, a black pit bull mix with a white diamond on his chest waded into the water, squatted and defecated only feet away from where my son was playing. The reaction from the dog owners? Laughter.

The owner of the dog shook his head but made no move to stop the dog, pick up the poop, or at the very least begin to apologize to us, the only swimmers, for the indiscretion.

My husband and I removed our son from the water, much to my son's dismay. Again, no apology or acknowledgement of the intrusion into our rightful good time.

Eventually, be it out of shame or as an equally frustrated fellow dog owner, a man approached the owner of the pit bull and handed him a bag to gather the poop. I am not sure what words were exchanged, but the Good Samaritan dog owner eventually retrieved the poop himself while the guilty dog owner stood by.

Kingston State Park has a no pets policy, as most state parks do, but clearly the policy is not enforced by anyone in Kingston, certainly not the park workers who greet the dogs as they splash and run on the beach.

Again, sharing the beach with the dogs is not a problem to us personally, but sharing the beach with disrespectful dog owners is. An apology and a swift retrieval of the poop would have eliminated all acrimony; then children and dogs could have continued to coexist that muggy Tuesday night.

Nicole Sawyer


P.S. Kingston has a brand new dog park ( Check it out.
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Re: Dog owner's rudeness ruins good time at beach

Postby shawn_oneil » Fri Jul 31, 2009 8:08 pm

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