Hampstead, Atkinson residents can weigh in on new light

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Hampstead, Atkinson residents can weigh in on new light

Postby curt » Wed Feb 03, 2010 9:04 am

Published: February 03, 2010 12:55 am

Hampstead, Atkinson residents can weigh in on new light
By Eric Parry

HAMPSTEAD — The state Department of Transportation is holding a hearing tonight to give residents a chance to comment on plans to add a traffic light at an intersection on the Hampstead and Atkinson town lines.

The intersection of Route 111, West Road and Island Pond Road is located in Hampstead. But it's so close to Atkinson motorists frequently call the Atkinson Police Department where there's a traffic accident in the area, according to Atkinson police Chief Philip Consentino.

"We've had more accidents in that area than we've had anywhere else," Consentino said yesterday.

Three days ago, there was a car crash with minor injuries at that intersection, according to Hampstead police Chief Joseph Beaudoin.

A driver was turning from West Road onto Route 111 and didn't have enough time to make the turn, according to Beaudoin.

"They took a shot and got hit," he said.

Route 111 has a heavy amount of traffic, especially during commuter hours, Consentino said.

A traffic light would force drivers to stop so they don't pull across oncoming traffic on Route 111, according to Consentino.

Consentino said he plans to attend tonight's meeting at the Hampstead Town Hall at 7 p.m. to support the plan.

West Road is often used as a shortcut for drivers to avoid the traffic light at the intersection of Routes 121A and 111.

Hampstead road agent John Worthen said he hoped a traffic light would decrease traffic on that residential road.

"They're always a little bit impatient," Beaudoin said of drivers using West Road as a shortcut.

The state DOT also plans to repave a portion of Route 111 and Route 121A in that area.

Atkinson road agent Ted Stewart said that also would improve safety on the stretch of road between West Road and Route 121A.

"Once you take into account people who aren't doing the speed limit, that's when it gets dangerous," Stewart said.

Other improvements coming to the area include a left-turning lane on Route 111 at the intersection of Route 121A. The turn lanes would improve safety, officials said, and make it easier for drivers making a left turn.

"Sometimes only three or four cars get through," Worthen said.
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