Northwood budget panel tries to remove school board

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Northwood budget panel tries to remove school board

Postby safety frog » Fri Feb 17, 2012 8:34 am ... /702149961

" NORTHWOOD — Concerns about the school board's spending has led the budget committee to begin the legal process to try and remove the board, but its members say they did nothing wrong.

The budget committee's action stems from its accusations the school board has not properly reporting its over expenditures in the last fiscal year.

The over-spending was necessary because of unexpected special education costs, say school board members.

At its Jan. 31 meeting, the budget committee voted 9-1 to begin the process of a court petition that would remove the school board.

According to budget committee chairman Daniel McNally, if a board foresees that it will spend more than what it has budgeted, it needs to notify the budget committee. He said last year, the school board did not follow those guidelines.

“The budget committee recommends a budget and it is also supposed to watch, check on and verify spending,” McNally said. “If for some reason the town or school is going to spend more than what they got approval for, it is supposed to come to the budget committee and say, ‘We are going to go over.'”

McNally is the only committee member who voted against beginning the process to unseat the school board.

Though school board chairman Dave Ruth said the board did spend more than what was in its budget, he said he is not concerned about the budget committee's actions and said the school board has not been officially notified of any action that has been taken. Ruth said the over expenditure came when the school district was unexpectedly faced with increased special education costs.

Because the state requires school districts to cover these costs, Ruth said he does not think the school board has committed a violation.

Three cheers toe BudCom!
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Re: Northwood budget panel tries to remove school board

Postby AlfredTwo » Mon May 21, 2012 1:13 pm

Any idea what happened? Generally the budcom has very little control once the budget is voted in not matter what the school board does.
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Re: Northwood budget panel tries to remove school board

Postby Rob C » Tue May 22, 2012 11:26 am

Sounds like their process is broken and what will become a huge waste of taxpayer money in legal fees could have been resolved through communication.

Looks like they're heading way over budget now...
Rob C
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