Sinotte Woods

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Sinotte Woods

Postby safety frog » Sun Feb 26, 2012 4:21 pm

The Sinotte Woods property is located off Route 111 just feet south of the Danville town line along Towle Road.

"In October 2011, the Southeast Land Trust received a generous gift from L. Paul and Elaine Sinotte of Pennsylvania. The Sinottes donated 27 acres of land off of Towle Road on the border of Kingston and Danville.

“When we learned about the conservation efforts of the Southeast Land Trust of New Hampshire, we believed it would be a good fit for our hopes to preserve open space in the area,” explained Paul. “We hope that our donation will allow others the opportunity to enjoy the land.”

Portions of the property had been in the Sinotte family since 1925. Paul inherited the land from his mother and purchased adjacent lots over time – one from Public Service of New Hampshire and another from the Town of Kingston – that were primarily used for pure enjoyment. And while they live far away, Paul explained that “we continually vacationed at the beaches in New Hampshire. While in the area we always enjoyed trips to the family’s land. Growing up, my kids liked taking walks in the woods and we even went for a visit to the property after a major snow storm (which they still talk about).” Historically, a cousin of Paul’s mother had a cabin on the property and sold peat moss that he collected from its extensive wetlands.

What made peat moss harvesting possible also sparked the interest of the Land Trust in conserving the land. To better understand the ecological value of the property’s wetlands, the Land Trust hired Dan Sperduto of Sperduto Ecological Services, LLC to conduct a field evaluation. The quality of the property’s extensive sweet pepperbush wooded fen was significant enough in Sperduto’s eyes to recommend it to the New Hampshire Natural Heritage Bureau as an exemplary natural community. Exemplary natural communities represent the best or only remaining examples in the state. (For more information on natural communities and systems, look for an upcoming presentation by Sperduto in March – more details on our website!) The wetlands, along with early successional habitat under PSNH transmission lines, and the dense forest along Towle Road create a moderate diversity of wildlife habitat.

Long-term, the Land Trust hopes to preserve connected wetlands systems and uplands on abutting lands in this vulnerable area near Route 111. Management activities have yet to be determined, but likely will be limited due to the extensive wetlands.

In making their gift of the land, Paul and Elaine also made a generous donation to support the Land Trust’s long-term management and ownership costs. These funds will be used to cover future costs – such as payments in lieu of property taxes, a forest management plan, signs, and gates on the property. Thank you Paul and Elaine for partnering with the Southeast Land Trust to protect your family land!"

Unfortunatelty on weekends like today, the areas is quite loud with ATV and dirt bike traffic.
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