exeter budget

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exeter budget

Postby safety frog » Fri Jan 10, 2014 3:29 pm

Exeter news Letter
Jeff McMenemy
By Jeff McMenemy


January 10, 2014 12:41 PM

EXETER — The Exeter Cooperative School Board unanimously approved a fiscal year 2014-2015 operating budget of $54.3 million, which if approved by voters in March would be an increase of $1.6 million or 3.2 percent over the current year's budget.

In addition, the board on Thursday night approved putting articles on the March warrant for a new teacher's contract and a new administrator's contract. The administrator's contract calls for pay hikes for 15 school administrators of 3 percent, 2 percent and 2 percent during the length of the three-year contract, but administrators will have to pay 5 percent more toward their health insurance, according to a presentation made by school officials Thursday night.

The additional costs for the pay hikes for the administrators if approved by voters will be $49,000 during the first year, $34,856 during the second year and $35,553 during the third year, according to school officials.

A separate warrant article on the new teacher's contract will cost $412,058 during the first year, $631,578 during the second year and $570,343 during the third year for the 240 teachers in the union.

The teacher's contract calls for a raise of 2.05 percent in the first year, 1.95 percent in the second year and 1.95 percent in the third year.

Teachers agreed to a 2 percent increase in their health insurance costs in year one and three of the contract, according to school officials.

Superintendent Michael Morgan reminded the board that voters from all six towns will vote on each warrant article, and the articles will pass or fail based on a total vote, not town by town.
“It's the collective vote of all six towns,” Morgan said.

The board passed the three spending articles and three non-spending articles after no one spoke during an earlier public hearing on the budget.

Only a few people attended the public hearing, which Morgan said after the meeting was “not unusual at all.”

If voters approve all three spending articles, property taxes for the owner of a $400,000 home in Exeter would increase by $230, while taxes for the owner of a $400,000 home in Stratham would increase by $194.40.

The owner of a $400,000 home in Brentwood would see their taxes jump by $318 but Newfields property owners would feel the biggest impact at $367.

Morgan said the increases are based on the taxable incomes in the towns and the enrollment in the cooperative.

Morgan, a Brentwood homeowner, acknowledged, “We got whacked.”

The three non-spending articles on the warrant call for raising the $500,000 cap on the special education trust fund and the maintenance trust fund and removing the 12-foot easement from the fence by the school track through the Carlisle property to Old Town Farm Road.

Morgan said school officials do not use it.

The board took one vote and unanimously approved all six articles.
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